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Pics to the Rescue!

Hey everybody!  Here are a few pictures of tattoos I took down in Atlanta on a recent trip. I really would have liked to have gotten the names of the artists who did the work, but most of these were shot during a really busy event, so I didn’t have much time to ask questions. If any of the owners of these tattoos come across this blog, please contact me and I’ll put in who the artists are.

All of these tattoos were on black women whose skin tone was definitely a true shade of brown. They have lovely work and a great use of black and grey and shading.

I saw quite a few beautiful and very nicely done tattoos down in Atlanta. Atlanta has a lot of black artists and a large black population, so this is one of the meccas in the US to find a plethora of work on darker skin tones. I really need to make another trip down to Atlanta in the near future to take more pics and talk to a few artists. And maybe I’ll even get some work done. I’m long overdue for another tattoo.

Also, please don’t steal any of these designs(or any custom designs) for your own tattoo. These designs are a personal expression of these particular individuals. It is considered extremely rude, unimaginative and is an encroachment on a person’s individuality.  So don’t be a douchebag.

I’m going to post to this blog at least once or twice a week as long as I have content, so send me pics so I can keep blogging! 🙂 For the next post, I’ll discuss the issues of color use in darker skin tones, the debates about it and what colors actually work.

Peace out YO!

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My Tattoos

As promised, here are pics of my tattoos. They are small and simple. I have plans to get some much larger and more complicated pieces done in the future, but I just need to get the cash and find an artist who’s style I really like to do them.

Ok, so here they are.

My Fifth Element Tattoo

So if you couldn’t figure it out (or didn’t read the caption) this tattoo is the four elements from the Fifth Element film that Leeloo has. There are a few reasons why I got this one, which I might talk about later, but one big reason is that she’s a bad ass chick.

Ghost in the Shell Cyber Ports

These are the data ports that connect to a person’s cyber brain in the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex anime and specifically Motoko Kusanagi’s.

Image from Ghost in the Shell:Stand Alone Complex Season1 Intro

Motoko is another totally badass chick which is one reason why I got these as well. Can you see a theme? As I’m sure you can tell as well, I’m really into futuristic, post-apocalyptic and cyberpunk themes too, since both these tattoos come from futuristic/cyberpunk shows.

Both of my tattoos were done at the same time by Oms at Revolution Tattoo in Chicago. He’s a great artist and he did a great job on my tattoos.  I really encourage you to check him out and his studio also has an art gallery in it as well. Very awesome!  Here’s a link to his website:

Talk to ya’ll later. 🙂

The dark side of the moon…

…it’s a a place not often seen by the eyes of humankind, so most don’t really know what it looks like, or what they should look like. And the same is true for tattoos on darker skin tones. Tattoos are becoming more and more popular on every type of person, but darker skinned folks are often overlooked and are not featured on many tattoo blogs and magazines.(Although, there is one attempt currently in the magazine world, but I will discuss that later.) There is also a lack of information out there for people who want to get tattooed, but have brown skin and a lack of information on artists who know how to tattoo brown skin. I want this blog to be a resource and a visual showcase for beautiful and well done tattoos on darker skin and for artists who do a lot of tattoos on darker people. I will be posting pictures of tattoos I see out in the world, ones I find on websites, hopefully ones that people will send me and pics of my own.(I only have a couple simple small ones, but as I get cash, I will definitely be posting pictures of my projects and the process I go through to get them.) Hopefully this blog will inspire people to get more well done tattoos and have more knowledge going into the tattoo process. I would also like to inspire exploration into different tattooing styles, techniques and inks that can be well used on darker skin.

Next post, pictures of my tattoos, because that’s what you’re here to see right?